I’m reviving this blog – yes – after hiding over at Blogger all these months and months I’m going to bring this blog to LIFE!

When I first began blogging this was my first attempt. I was going to just use it to practice blog posts to place on Reflections In Hindsight – that really good blog Lisa L. began.

Then I began blogging on my own and found I couldn’t keep up with my part of RIH and Joy~Fully Journaling over there – I chose to do Blogger at the time. It’s been a good good thing – I’m going to be changing my brand for my readership of my books but am NOT changing either of the blogs or their focus.

So, prepare to find me at Word Press AND Blogger over the next year.

Please pray with me that I will hear God’s voice in choosing which blog to use for which focus.

Thank you for your patience as I undertake the updating of my profile and picture – my how things have changed.

I’ve lost weight and oh well – we’ll see if you can figure out the other changes on your own. ;D

Blessings to those of you who care to keep up with my changes.


Allow Me To Introduce – Joy Avery Melville


   A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.  Proverbs 17:22


Hello, I want to introduce myself. If you’ve read any of the initial postings on about the first of June, then you already are familiar with me and my subject matter.

 Due to my personal overload and needing to make some stricter priorities and goals I’ve separated from the great group of writers at Reflections and am going tobe  blogging between this site and my Blogger site. 

If you are hoping to get to know me and my work for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. I am Joy Avery Melville…50-something…married to the answer to my girlhood prayers, totally in love with God, The wonderful man God gave me 36+ years ago, my 2 children, their great spouses and those adorable, but mischievious, 7 grand children who make my life so full of joy. We have a 2 yr old Yorkie named, Otis Sir Barceslot and he imagines he rules our home. We also have a 7 yr old bright, yellow parrotlet, named Buttercup who sees herself as  a canary and loves to sing and chirp and tease Otis. We find some comedic relief in these pets and find they releave the every day stresses of life at the most opportune moments(Thank You, God for creating them). My dear hubby and I reside in Southwestern, lower Michigan on a 21/2 acre plot in a modest-sized ranch-style home in a rural setting. We do not own a lot of land but borrow from the vista surrounding us. We are blessed to have an abundance of beautiful wildlife and nature without the hastle that so often comes in the vermin variety. 

This blog will attempt to be an encouragement to you, the readers: another arrow to point the discouraged toward the ultimate JOY-MAKER, Jesus Christ, and to give hope to those who hurt as well as to occasionally describe to you something that has filled my day, week, etc., etc. with Joy – after all this is one woman’s Joy-Full Journal!

As far as the novels I write, my favorite genre is Christian Women’s Fiction, thematic about a person’s individual challenges, search or journey with just the right touch of romance to give the stories that feel-good, happily-ever-after, that comforts the soul and relaxes the mind. My current Work In Progress takes place around what was once a very small village and has blossomed into the town of Coopersville, Michigan, with some surrounding areas included such as Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan.

I love to read good Christian Fiction in several genres and some of my favorite authors thus far include;   Gail Gaymer Martin, Janice Hanna Thompson, Anita Higman,Tracie Peterson, Maragaret Daley, Deborah Rather (aka Arlene James), Judith Miller, Anderea Boeshaar, Diann Mills, the upcoming Mary Johnson, Chris Kraft, Michael Emmert and Daniella, Karen Witemeyer, Vannetta Chapman, Melanie Dickerson, and many, many other wonderfully talented writers.

Be watching for my interviews with K. Dawn Byrd coming next month and Vannetta Chapman coming in August.  The fantastic interview Melanie Dickerson allowed me this month can still be found at: and it was great fun getting to know her. Be sure to get her Debut Novel THE HEALER’S APPRENTICE – Releasing date:  Sept. 3, 2010.

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Please comment on the postings and become a follower or subscriber to both. I will be so happy to see you there. I hope to interview authors and promote their work, do my best to influence you, my readers, to purchase their books and even to follow or subscribe to their blogs.

So, welcome to Joy’s Joy-Full Journal, sit back, relax, read and feel free to sip a cup of coffee, tea or even something as cold as an iced lemonade. Don’t forget to make your comments. I’ll be watching for you

See you here or there!