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I’m reviving this blog – yes – after hiding over at Blogger all these months and months I’m going to bring this blog to LIFE!

When I first began blogging this was my first attempt. I was going to just use it to practice blog posts to place on Reflections In Hindsight – that really good blog Lisa L. began.

Then I began blogging on my own and found I couldn’t keep up with my part of RIH and Joy~Fully Journaling over there – I chose to do Blogger at the time. It’s been a good good thing – I’m going to be changing my brand for my readership of my books but am NOT changing either of the blogs or their focus.

So, prepare to find me at Word Press AND Blogger over the next year.

Please pray with me that I will hear God’s voice in choosing which blog to use for which focus.

Thank you for your patience as I undertake the updating of my profile and picture – my how things have changed.

I’ve lost weight and oh well – we’ll see if you can figure out the other changes on your own. ;D

Blessings to those of you who care to keep up with my changes.